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Mato’s Method for Beginners


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 Do you you want to improve your chess and start winning  games?  Do you you want it fast.
That’s exactly why the renowned chess coach  Mato Jelic produced the course that will take you from Novice to Advanced in 7 Days.

If you miss blunders, get confused in common middlegames and endgames as well as struggle to identify the game plan – this is a must have course!

What will you learn?

The 12 Most important checkmating patterns that you can start using today to finalize your wins
Everything you need to know about chess openings, basic ideas and plans clearly explained
The 30 most common endings and how to play them the way masters do
The 10 most common  mistakes that every beginner makes, and how to avoid them
How to work on your game [the exercises included]      

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