About Mato Jelic

Mato Jelic

It’s an honour that you’d like to know more about me.

I am a professional chess coach and author of two chess books.

My free online chess lecture can be found on YouTube.

About Mato:

Place of Birth: Drenovci, Croatia

Lives in Adelaide, South Australia

Rating: Australian Chess Federation Rating (ACF) 2091. Rapid rating (ACF) 2100

Language spoken: Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian and English

On Facebook Mato connects only to his Family.

Softwares used for making YouTube Videos are HIARCS and Arena

Engine used to double-check variants is HIARCS

Mato gets his material for YouTube movies from Fans and Subscribers, Books and Database.

Mato is thankful to fans for offers to play online but will not play due to busy schedule.

Mato’s Favorite Chess Players are: Fischer, Alekhine, Capablanca,  Keres, Tal and Botvinnik

Favorite food: Chinese Food

Favorite movies: Ben Hur and Gladiator

Favorite Sports: Soccer, Karate and Chess

Mato’s advice on food: http://www.chessschool.com.au/healthy_brain_25.html

Who can benefit from watching MatoJelic’s Chess videos?

It is most beneficial for chess players whose rating is under 2000 ELO.

People are claiming that their rating has increased after watching his videos for at least 100 points and in some cases even 300 points.


If your question is not answered or if you want to find more about Mato,

you can find it here: http://www.chessschool.com.au/about_mato_29.html

Visit Mato’s Chess Channel


386 Replies to “About Mato Jelic”

  1. I don’t usually comment , but you sir have the best chess videos on youtube . I’ve seen dozens of other teachers, none of them can compare with your style , so you have earned my respect. Keep doing an amazing job.

  2. Mato teached me all I know about chess – in his unique style (short synoptical videos on youtube), Mato achieves something I haven’t found anywhere: making chess-analysis a form of wholesome entertainment!

  3. It is a pleasure to watch Mato’s lectures. He isn’t kind, modest, and a good teacher. He shows numerous chess players and tournaments from the past and present and is beneficial for many chess players of nearly any strength.

  4. Mato,

    Your chess channel has had a profound effect on my life – this goes well beyond my ELO rating. I have suffered from chronic pain for 8 years; I rapidly deteriorated between 2016 and 2017. I was bedridden and cut off from all meaningful human connection. I began watching your videos at the suggestion of a friend. They provided a refuge from the dire reality I lived in. I spent up to 5 hours a day watching your videos.

    I often had difficulty maintaining a conversation with visitors on my bad days. So we would watch your videos and get lost in your analysis. To this day, I always crack up at your ‘dad jokes’.
    I have featured you in a podcast documentary I produced about my chronic pain experience (see link below). I have done my best to capture the significant role you have played in my life. Your voice appears in a segment between 4:45 – 6:45.

    I hope you enjoy!


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  6. I was rated 1100 a year ago but now I am rated 1789 and still improving just by watching the games showed by Mato and analyzing them daily for 1-2 hrs. I even won 2nd place in my college blitz chess fest where some strong players rated above 2000 also participated. Thank you, Mato 🙂 you should be the most subscribed channel in chess category.

  7. Thank you Mato for all your support and inspiration that gave me, to develop my game. You are the best online chess coach we could ever have.

  8. Mato, I too enjoy your lectures on YouTube. I particularly like your straightforward, even gentle approach; the frequent repetition of basics even though you assume your viewers already know basic chess fundamentals (examples: “pinning the knight; unpinning”; “knight f3 comes to mind, it’s the natural move; but Tal played…”; “d4, d5, c4 queen’s gambit, pawn takes c4, gambit accepted…”); and the lack of clutter (so many chess channels fill the video margins and clog up the audio with distracting extras or meaningless chatter); I think most of all I enjoy the chronological sweep of the games you select from the 18th century to last week. My name is Andy, I’ve played chess all my life, I’m 65 now, and I recommend you to other players with enthusiasm. Thank you kindly, Mato. (My girlfriend thinks your smile is cute).

  9. Hi Mato. I was looking on a very interesting game yesterday between cariakin and so in Norway shess. For me it looks like So was wining and I didn’t understand that he was loosing before after the 5 6 last move. I saw the % and it say win over 90% to cariakin but still saw So was wining. Is it possible that you will have a look at the game and give your comment on it? I hope you will. Thank you

  10. I watch your videos almost every day, very relaxing with your funny and thoughtful commentary. I pause the video when you say so. I always have a passion for chess and your instructions have rekindled that. Thank you very much for inspiring people to this great game.

  11. I watch Mato’s chess lectures every single day on YouTube. This is not an exaggeration.

    Keeping an coming Mato!

  12. Dear Mato

    You are the sweetest and most humorous chess commentator online.

    Thanks to your videos my rating increased from 800 to 1200 and is still on the rise.

    Godspeed to you and your family!

  13. Mato, I wanted to thank you for being singlehandedly responsible for making me fall in love with the beautiful game of chess. Thanks for everything you taught me about the game (I hardly knew how to move the pieces, now I’m finding some “killer moves” in my games) and for all those times you made me laugh with your jokes. God bless you!

  14. All these big chess players and chess games would be nothing without your way of how you bring and teach to us.
    Thanks to you i learned and undestood everything about this massive lovely beautiful game.
    From now on you are a big part of my life
    Thank you Mato for everything.

    Genti Troci from Albania

  15. Hi Mato,

    Firstly just to say a massive thank you. Your efforts here have improved the life of myself, and thousands of others by giving them access to your work on Chess. Your videos are informative and witty, hence why I watch them daily.
    With that in mind I have a question. Would you consider creating a video of a fan game for a fee? I am no Chess player really but I play a friend regularly on an app and it would be great to see you do a breakdown of our match.

    Thanks again,

    Chris C

  16. Millions of chess players have watched and benefited from MATO’s chess lectures and analysis on YouTube. His lively analysis has contributed in popularizing chess tremendously.

    World’s best chess coach. Ever.

  17. Your videos motivated me to take chess in a more serious way than just to play it with few friends. Thank You for every lesson on your videos. and not just chess, but life.
    Greetings from Venezuela

  18. Hello i m from turkey
    i watch your videos on youtube
    will you allow me to translate your videos into turkish for my children students İ m a teacher and chess coach
    Later i will upload videos on youtube for turkish people
    Will you allow me

  19. Thanks Mato…I truly enjoy your videos on YouTube and learn from your analyses. Well done, man! Keep them coming…

  20. Hi Mato, I felt very sad after watching your last video, it was the day I read about alekhine’s death , and so I started watching your video, and in the end when you announced your retirement, I felt saddened and shock , you want to know why? Because I have been watching your videos since 2011, but never subscribed and day I subscribed you decided to leave the show ☹️

  21. Mato is knowledgeable, selects great games from great players and always makes it fun and interesting. My favorite chess commentator on YouTube.

  22. My name is Nathan Barber. I am from York Pennsylvania USA. I teach at risk youth in inner cities the beautiful game of chess. Mato jelics lecture is brief, instructive, and advantageous to all. His lectures are concise, definitive, and exciting somehow for youths and adults alike. Martin library ( of York pa) would like to thank him for his time and effort. Sun tzu, Shakespeare, and Richard Pryor, come to my students mind when evaluating a lecture by Mr. Mato. A brilliant analysis with ” the killer move”.

  23. Hi Mato,

    Ever since I was 18, I have had major depression and a slight addiction to gambling and pot. I have tried many other hobbies to replace these addictions but they never quite do it. Now that I am 24, I am extremely happy to say that my new found addiction is one that has replaced all of my others. I don’t drink nor smoke anymore because of this new found addiction. I think you can guess by now what it is. Yes, it is chess and watching your wonderfully exciting videos. I plan to keep this addiction for the rest of my life. It has even helped me with my depression and brought me back up in my darkest of times. This is all thanks to you, my coach and I couldn’t be happier now. I wish you good luck with everything and bye for now.


  24. Hi Mato
    I am a father and I watch your chess explanations in YouTube. Want to let you know that I very much enjoy them.
    Thank you much for sharing your thoughts.

  25. Hi Mark
    I am a father and I watch your chess explanations in YouTube. Want to let you know that I very much enjoy them.
    Thank you much for sharing your thoughts.

  26. Hello Mato Sir, we haven’t met each other but I have been following your YouTube chess video & learning from them. I have increased my rank from 900 to 1500+(In chess.com) & that is because of you. Your videos are short, precise yet very instructive with bit of humour too. People have addiction of gambling/smoking/drinking but I am now happy to say I’m addicted to your YouTube chess lecture..Thanking you for all your hard work & dedication. Wishing you good health, wealth & lots of happiness.

  27. I have been following mato’s videos for quite some time now…He makes the best youtube chess videos and i specially love his videos..they r short yet detailed….he also lets us decide on finding KILLER MOVES and i love it when he says….CHECKMATE….Sir mato is a genius in the field of chess…i wish hin all the best in the future

  28. Mato you are the best! You’re an excellent Chess Instructor, your deep insights into the game and humorous and enjoyable style make it relaxing and easy to learn! Thanks for everything!!

  29. Mato, when I play chess online, there is always your voice and your reasoning in my head! My chess was awful, but now If I really focus, I can beat 1800 – 1900 players. I have even beaten +2000 players several times all thanks to you Mato! ❤ <3

  30. Hi Mato, this is Rafael.

    In this commentary I wish to show you how your hard work touches so many people around the world.
    There are no words to explain the feeling of listening to such a genius like you humbly lecturing all those unbelievable games like it’s no big deal. The way you make simple to understand such complex games makes us feel more intelligent than what we really are. The way you ask us to pause the video and try to find the KILLAH MOVE, fills us with passion when we really find the move.

    Mato, you have the ability to lift people spirits. You have the mind of a genius and the simplicity of a pawn. For this, we all wish you the best life a simple genius like you could ever have. The life of happiness in the small things, and the life of big accomplishments.

    Thank you for being there for us Mato! Thank you very much.

  31. Dear M You are an incredible human being with such passion compassion and broad mindedness. I have enjoyed your lectures but still remain hopeless in chess Regards. Dr Moorthy

  32. Thank you so much for your outstanding teaching techniques, simple yet effective, your lecture, voice and your sense of humor. It can’t get better than that. You are awesome teacher. MATO #1

  33. Love you Mato!!! Love your candid humour and humility!!! Thorough gentleman!!! God bless you and your family always…

  34. Great Videos. Enjoy every single one of them. Great personality, too, if I may say this. Kind regards from Germany

  35. Hi.this.is.MATO!

    When you read this, did you heard Mato’s voice in your head like me? Mato is the best chess commentar ever.

    Wish the books you published are cheaper Mato… Keep your work like old times, you doing great on YouTube.

    And that is all, i hope you enjoyed my comment i wish good luck with your chess and bye for now 🙂

  36. we have reached a critical position.Black made a comment and mato replied.can you find the killer comment?

  37. Mato, I just wanted to say thanks for sparking my interest in chess. When I started watching your videos five years ago, I was rated ~1350, now I’m somewhere around 2100 and I enjoy them even more now that I fully understand all of the moves played and can even predict them most of the time.

  38. Mato is the best! I got in to chess because of his amazing videos on Youtube. Thank you Mato! Greetings from Croatia!

  39. I have to thank you not just for your informative chess videos but also for your attractive any funny ways in introducing it.
    Words and phrases like
    Hi, this is mato
    Critical position
    Killer move
    Please pause the video
    Please do not pause the video
    And so on are just amazing

  40. hello mato, i have been watching your videos for a few years. you are the best that i have seen online in chess commentary. your passion in commentary comes across in each video you present.Black played a move….. and white resigned!. i love the drama you bring in to the game as you explain it. Huge fan, shane from melbourne. cheers mate.

  41. U R Really great mato…. U always teach well and simple manner so we could understand well…. U knw that knowledge is better than everything…

  42. Hallo Mato. I were subscibe on your site but I forget the adress. I see your interestings propositions of famous chess games.
    I would find the famous game where Alekine played whit the black sacrifiyng in the opening 3 pawn. The contrary of Danish gambit with white. Could you remember me what game it was?
    Thanks very much.
    Sorry for my bad english

  43. Mato is the best! Every time I attempt to watch another chess video by someone other than Mato it bores me to death. Mato keeps it simple! He is the best!

  44. who is the Best chess analyst, teacher and commenter of all time?..without A doudt, its sir mato jelic..

  45. All the way from Nigeria in West Africa
    Am a big fan of Mato Jelic. Thanks for the chess videos.More Grace. God bless.

  46. Hi Mato,
    Thank you a hundred thousand times for all your brilliant videos.
    Your style is incisive, humourous, crystal clear and wonderfully entertaining. You also avoid the long winded and convoluted analysis favoured by many other commentators and thus you keep 100% of each viewers attention.
    Furthermore you convey a very respectful attitude to all the chess masters of long ago. You deserve every success in all your chess activities.

  47. Hi Mato! I am Caeo, I’m living in the Philippines. I have been watching your chess lectures on YouTube, much more fun than others’ teaching method though.
    Here is a chess game of mine that i played in the app chess.com, it’s a blitz game but i can’t remember the time limit. Unfortunately, my opponent ran out of time hehe 🙂
    1. e4 e5
    2. Nf3 d6
    3. Nc3 f5
    4. exf5 Bxf5
    5. d4 e4
    6. Ng5 Nh6
    7. Qe2 Be7
    8. Ngxe4 0-0
    9. Bxh6 Kh8
    10. Ng3 Bg6
    11. Nd5 Bf6
    12. Ne4 Bxd4
    13. Bg5 Qd7
    14. c3 Be5
    15. 0-0-0 Nc6
    16. Qc4 Na5
    17. Qxc7 Qb5
    18. Bxb5 Bxe4
    19. Ne7 Rxf2
    20. Rhf1 Rc2+
    21. Kb1 Rxc3+
    22. Ka1 Rxc7
    23. Rf8+ Rxf8

  48. After watching Mato’s YouTube videos, not only my chess rating has improved, but also I’ve started enjoying the game. His YouTube channel is an absolute jem and a great contribution to the world of chess. He makes the legends come alive and ones can’t help but learn while enjoying his videos. Thanks a lot Mato.

  49. I love your channel on youtube. Thanks for the amazing videos. and you say ” Critical position of the game , a killa move ” that was
    great 🙂 Greetings from Turkey.

  50. I love your chess videos !!! I am trying to improve my chess ratings by watching your videos. I am about 1400 but I am struggling now to improve beyond it. I hope to learn by watching your videos. Thanks 🙂

  51. It was commented on one of Mato videos that “Mato is the best chess teacher in the world” I will respond : YES , HE IS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Mato, thank you!
    Your youtube channel and chess game compilations are amazing. Keep doing the great work.


  53. Mato you ignite my interest in Chess like no other. I have not played chess since school which was many years ago.. The way you explain it makes me what to take it up again.

  54. The majority of youtube chess videos use computer/engine analysis. Thanks to Mato, this doesn’t surface in his videos. Even pro commentators use engines when talking about live games Shame on this bread of engine chess enthusiasts.

  55. Hey, I would like you to know that because of you I can confidently beat anyone in my circle. I started late, a day in 11th grade when I had injured my ankle so I just played chess instead. I lost and it insulted my intelligence. I began studying chess online and got hooked. The main motivational factor for my journey was your guidance. Thanks a ton. I saw the beauty of the game because of you.

  56. Hi Mato ! I just want to say that I’ve increased my level of chess like 3 times since I start watching your videos. 2 days ago I won a regional chess championship because of you. Thank you and greetings from Romania.

  57. Mato, I had fun learning chess from watching your game analysis. Pausing the video to find the next move in a lecture was my favorite part.

  58. Mato you’re a really cool guy. Talented and really good analysing incredible chess games. Wish you the very best! Keep being awesome!

  59. my rating went from under 1100 to 1317 from learning tips and tricks from watching your videos thanks mate!

  60. Dear Mato,
    Welcome back..We all love you..Don’t do this again.I was very sad..Daily before going to sleep i see your videos..you have become a family member..I dont know how much you are getting me,but……Bless you..you are far far away..My only wish is to meet you one day.I dont know it will come true or not but one day we will definitely meet and will play chess …
    GOD creates,,you are a creation….:-)
    Thanking you
    Diptaman Guha

  61. Mato, thank you for sharing your chess passion, sense of humor and time thru all these years. You made the best chess channel out there. I wish you the best in your future projects to come.

  62. Mato, I already miss the YT daily video. Thankfully, you left plenty for revisiting – and I still hope you will make appearances.
    Much more, I hope you and your family are all well.
    Puno pozdrava, ne prvi put, iz Beograda.
    Boris Babic

  63. I can’t be more thankful to you. You have made me enjoy chess, your videos are of great material and education, you are a great teacher and commentator.
    I just saw your latest video and that you are retiring… I can’t but feel sadness and upset for that decision.

    You are the reason for where i have reached in chess. I started learning chess at the age of 23 after my father passed away, and it has helped get through that.
    Chess taught me how to see couple of moves ahead of life and how to react to anything life throws at me in the best way.

    I would really like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your efforts and time you spent on all your videos.

  64. Thank you for your great work and entertainment. Have learned a lot from your lessons. Wish you all the best for your future. I hope you will come back.

  65. dear mato, I loved your videos and I learned so much from you. not only about chess, but your lifestory truly inspired me. so I wish to formally thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. you have done a great service to many people.
    and that is all, I hope you enjoyed this comment, I wish you good luck with your life, and bye for now :-)

  66. I started playing chess with 800 rating on Chess.com; at times confused what to do on the chess board. Then I found Mato’s YouTube channel and began subscribing, along with learning some basic chess principals. Now my rating is 1620, and with more insight to chess I get better at comprehending the games presented by Mato.

    Then on the 1st September I found out Mato decided to stop his online lecture. I thought to myself, maybe Mato just couldn’t deal with the complaints from YouTube viewers. It has become my routinity to check for Mato’s lecture everyday. And no, I never had the chance to thank Mato for broadening my chess perspective.

    So.. I just want Mato, if you are reading this, to know that I value you, for investing your time and effort on making online lectures to reach people who crave for chess knowledge. I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge to viewers you might never meet. And, I wish the best for you and your family in Adelaide. I really wish I can get to know you more as a mentor.

    Love and respect from Indonesia.

  67. From 1200, to 1600. Thanks for everything Mato. Your videos will be sorely missed. I wish you luck in all your endeavors.

  68. Because of Mr.Matos videos i was able improved my chess skills. Thank you very much buddy..GodBless You

  69. Thank you mato , youre videos have
    Become a part of my life ,learned so much please come back some day .

    Regards from israel

  70. Thanks for everything. I was at around 500 ELO on chess.com when I first started watching. I’m at around a 1400 elo right now. Thanks for the videos and good luck on with your life, Mato!

  71. i play on chess.com. i had 1240 avarage 5 months ago but now i have 1873 thanks to Mato. Thank you Mato, you are a very rare example of a good person who helps others without asking for something :) I will suggest this channel to everybody who loves chess and want to become better at is 😉

  72. Thank you for all you do! I would like to buy the Polgar training but I do not have the funds right now. Do you have a way to extend the offer to me for another two weeks?

  73. Geographer, philosopher, psychologist, and great chess commentator on top of it all, Mato shows how it’s done!

  74. Mato your chess ‘lectures’ are superb. Clear, concise and at times witty. Listening to them is as calming as having a radox-filled bath. I bought your book too, I plan on going from rank amateur to amateur! Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  75. Mato: thank you for all the videos you make. Studying the grandmasters is the best way to learn chess, especially with the commentary you add.

  76. thank you mato for your videos, if there will ever be a hall of fame for chess commentators I will give my vote for you with pleasure :))) wish you the best

  77. Thank you for your brilliant analysis of various chess Games. I watch your chess videos daily and they have peaked my interest in the game. You are truly the best commentator and I have been able to improve my chess game by watching your videos.

  78. Mato is loved around the world for his brilliant and entertaining chess commentary on YouTube, but I want to comment on his skill as a teacher. I took a single lesson with him on Skype and my chess improved from around 1600 to 1800 on ICC after I had been stuck for years. He analyzed my play and suggested a different opening that has really been a game changer for me. The thing that sets him apart is his ability present very complex ideas in a very simple and easy to understand way. I highly recommend his Skype lessons if you are serious about improving your chess.

  79. Hey Mato!!!

    I think you are the best Chess commentator on Youtube!

    You really have style that makes Chess a very dramatic and kind of fantasy war movie heroic last battle scene and more! 😀

    You are really good at what you do! 🙂

  80. With Mato you’ll never get enough! he’s so simple and smooth.. all the other commentators makes it boring (20 minutes/half an hour video)… keep it going dear friend and thanks a lot

  81. Partial Standings Pos Name Fed Rtg Pts 1 Caruana, Fabiano USA 2804 4.5 2 Giri, Anish NED NED 4 3 Karjakin, Sergey RUS 2779 3 4 Harikrishna, Pentala IND IND 2.5 5 Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar AZE 2748 2.5 6 Mamedov, Rauf AZE 2655 2 7 Radjabov, Teimour AZE 2726 2 8 Safarli, Eltaj AZE 2664 2 […]

  82. Mato, I wantbto buy your book “The king hunt” in Bangladesh’ is it possible to make shipment here?

  83. You’re the best chess video maker and the best commentator ever. I wonder if anybody can better you in commentating. Love your sense of humour. Hats off to you sir. Regards all the way from India.

  84. Mato,
    I too am a fan of the brilliant Bobby Fischer. I enjoy your videos, however, at times the volume is too low.
    I am elo 1600 and am learning very much.
    Brian De Baille.

  85. Hi Mato, thank you, my rating increased from 1200 to 1450 after watching your videos. Fried liver attack, Traxler counter attack, Sicilian defence, Ruy Lopez, Queens Gambit (declined or not) and many other openings, how to play middle- and endgames in a proper way, I learned it all here. I was surprised to read, that Botvinik is one of your favorite players. After the Keres series, I thought you would prefer Keres to Botvinik.

  86. I am a substitute teacher at a small town in Iowa, USA. I would just like to let you know that I could not be more grateful for your amazing videos. I have used your videos to help myself learn how to play chess and be more confident in my abilities. The way you provide examples of different scenarios and continuations with explanations is a tremendously successful way of instruction.
    I have created a chess club for my school, starting with the class of new imigrants to the USA. Chess has been very helpful for them to adjust to the school, because they can play without having to speak the common language, because the rules of chess are universal. I frequently tell students to watch your channel and your videos, and sometimes I even display them for everyone and we discuss when we pause the video!
    I am a huge fan, and I just wanted to thank you for everything that you do. I will continue to show your videos in class as examples so that we can help train a whole new generation of chess players to be confident and future fans of the game! Keep doing what you are doing, you are the best instructional coach out there!

  87. In the game Juan Corzo vs 12 year old Jose Raul Capablanca I left a comment on Mato’s YouTube video. My comment has now received 50 likes! Those 50 are of course, not for me they are for Mato. Such enjoyable and instructive videos. Thank you Mato. Here is what I wrote………….
    Alec Ludlow10 months ago (edited)
    I can’t listen to anyone else now than Mato. Other commentators seem to just pontificate and to try to show you how clever they are. Mato just explains, simply and clearly. What a guy. I wish him good luck with his chess ….teaching.

  88. Mato, I love the twinkle in your eyes (and voice). I’m sure it comes from your heart.

  89. Mato, you present the facets of this great game in an enlightening and entertaining way. Chess laymen such as myself can both enjoy watching a game – most are better than the vast majority of TV shows – and learning a bit without having to go the hard way, hitting the books!
    Thank you i samo napred, jos mnogo godina!!!

  90. Mato never fails to offer insightful analysis of beautiful games, while keeping a great sense of humor. Thank you so much Mato!

  91. Mato u r great for explaining games u r Simple and funny and knowlagable the same time,u r best from Any other chess chanels on youtube..i improve My chess with your explaining tactics..thakns alot. god bless u

  92. Thank you for your videos, I use your book daily and it’s vastly improved my chess game. Your videos are the only ones I can watch without hating the analysis and commentary. I’ve become the best on my ship cg60 and play sailors daily. And my online match rating has improved by 600 since I first started playing.

  93. You Sir are a blessing. Thank you for all the effort you put into making these videos and sharing them with us. Keep it going, Mato!

  94. This below comment was first posted at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9gaITxQFq8

    Great game, great analysis by Mato, one of the great chess vid-makers of all time, who will surely go down in history (for his brilliant vids, which waste no time). If people like longer vids w. more babbling, they’re there, but only Mato seems to give the best short analysis/commentary. Keep it up, Mato!

  95. Mato is an amazing teacher. I struggled with the French Defense Exchange Variation for a while as a 1900 player and after really revamping my openings and killah move tactics I am a NM at 2203.
    Thanks so much Mato, your’e an amazing man!

  96. mato is best :* my rating was 1250, after watching mato’s videos continously
    now it was almost 1600…
    it helps me alot…
    and the voice of mato is very naaice…;)
    thank u so much

  97. Hey, I really wanted to thank you for posting such good quality content on the channel, i just had a chess competition at the school and I took the first place, surely because of the videos from your channel (last 3 years i took place 3 or worse every year at this same competition with almost the same participants). Since i started watching your videos I started loving chess more and more and also improving a lot. Thanks for continuing to upload these videos :D

  98. I was never a fan of chess until I watched a documentary on Bobby Fischer two years ago. First thing I did after watching the documentary is search Bobby Fischer on YouTube, and Mato’s “How Bobby Fischer smashed Scandinavian Defense” was the first chess video I had ever watched. The combination of Bobby Fischer beautiful play, and Mato’s beautiful voice hooked me right in. Now I watch at least 5-6 of Mato’s videos before bed nearly every day. Mato is a wonderful teacher, especially for beginners. His video’s are, generally, short and sweet. He doesn’t have a 5 minute dialogue for every single move that is played like most pretentious chess teachers on YouTube. He actually allows you to think for yourself. Which makes me feel that I am developing MY OWN style of chess, as opposed to some formulaic/cookie cutter style. His blend of humor, pacing, and analysis of critical moments of the game make for an enjoyable video, literally every time. If you are just getting into chess, I would highly suggest watching Mato. If you are a seasoned vet, I would also suggest watching Mato. Also, Mato, if you read this, I think it would be awesome if you made a video of your top 10 favorite chess players. Maybe going into detail about why you may like a player? His/her weaknesses/strengths? Etc. Etc. I think that video would be a hit. If I had to guess, I would say your top 5 would be 1. Fischer. 2. Kasparov. 3. Morphy. 4. Tal. 5. Keres. Thanks for everything Mato! I look forward to your videos daily.

  99. Dober Dan Mato

    Thanks for taking the time to read my message 🙏

    I just wanted to tell you that three months ago all I knew about chess was 1- queen is the strongest 2- knight moves one two and turn a corner 😀😀

    And one day , by complete chance , I find one of your videos and to my luck it was a game played by the best chess player of all time in my opinion ” Michael Tal ” and it was amazing and your commentating was as amazing as the game was ” knight to f2 seems logical but after kxf2 Bc4 White is slightly better ….. TAL PLAYED ……. QD4 SACRIFICING the rook And black resigned ” the move was so crazy that it took my breath away 😄😄 sounds weird but it actually happened

    Maaaaan i was completely hocked and I have playing and learning and trying to watch each of your videos and even promote your channel to friends

    Sorry for the long msg , but I thought it is not fair that u have this huge impact on me and u don’t know

    Thanks a million for introducing the beauty of chess to me and please keep posting videos 💪🏻👍😀😀

    And know that if u ever travel to Cairo ” and where is Cairo .. Cairo is the capital of Egypt haahahahaha sorry couldn’t resist I have been watching so much of your videos ” you have a brother here

    Ismail Mostafa

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    Keep up the good work Mato, I’ve been following you for a year and a half now and I’m not planing on stopping any time soon!

    Best wishes from Serbia!

  101. Hi Mato,
    I used to play chess as a kid and then after nearly 20 years picked it up again a year ago. I was at a level where I was neither a beginner nor an expert and I didn’t have any specific goals. I restarted chess mainly for fun and peace (Chess almost has a meditative effect on me). Most of the videos I found online were either preachy, theoretical, naive or too simple! Your videos on the contrary are perfect for someone in my situation – concise, respects the viewers intelligence and provide very good insight into the different lines which amateurs will miss! Since, I have viewed all your videos, have become your fan (I have also introduced your videos to my Serbian friends! :))… I really appreciate your discipline and the effort you put in to produce these videos which bring so much value and happiness to people around the world!

    I wish you all happiness and success in your life! Keep making these videos for as long as you can!

    PS – My all time favourite videos of yours is a Tal game and ofcourse your game with Spassky!

    Heartfelt thanks!

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    About your videos, wow! I am so thankful. You really make chess interesting and entertaining! And my online chess game is improving!! Have you ever thought to feature just a “regular person’s” chess game–and help them determine where they went wrong? I think that would be fascinating. People submit one of their own games, and you tell us the “critical juncture” where the mistake was made, and what they could have done differently.


    Thx again!!!

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    …just kidding.

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  110. Hello mato, You are really good at what you do! The way you explain your videos, Especially by asking questions like – “WHAT WOULD YOU DO??”, “HMMMM….”, thats hilarious and awesome!
    You should make more Inspirational videos like these https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKHQlc2cIBY

    I know it takes a lot of effort to make these videos. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about Chess!!

  111. I discovered Mato’s videos on youtube about a month ago and have been addicted ever since. Mato’s calm demeanor and comfortable pacing make watching his videos truly an enjoyable experience. I’ve definitely noticed a change in my chess since watching his videos, and I find myself running through his commentary during games (where to make my . . . .KILLER. . . MOVE, and how to get a moooonster knight). Keep it up Mato and I’ll keep watching!

  112. HI Mato, I would just like to say thank you for posting all your fantastic videos on youtube. I picked up the chess bug (more like addiction!) three years ago at age 37. I had no interest in chess before this. How odd. About a year later and many defeats I discovered your videos and they have been brilliant to watch (and learn! Boy, do I learn!) I have become a better chess player. I have recently purchased an ECF membership and play in my first OTB tournament very soon. Thank you again. Good luck in your chess. ;o) @flyingcod

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    Thank you from Vancouver, BC.

  117. Mato, you rock! I’m a begginer, and as I have no couch in real life, I’m learning by watching your videos and following your work! Thanks for everything, keep going and wish you all the best in your life and your chess, same as you wish for ours!

    Da ne zaboravite naski, zelim Vam sve najbolje!

  118. Mato, it is always a pleasure to hear you. I became interested in chess at age 22, and naturally searched some videos in youtube, but never had I seen anyone talk about chess the way you do. People use violent terms improperly, but you despite not having english as a first language, have mastered it in such a way as to use the same words, which belong to war, but in a completely precise and beautiful manner. I am filled with joy when I say that you are, in many ways and despite not knowing most of your students like myself, a great master and an honourable man.

    I salute you.

    Bernardo Herkenhoff de Araujo Lima, Brazil.

  119. Hi
    Thanks for informative chess videos. It is really helpful.
    One question on below

    In the above game. Why not play f3?
    How will the game proceed.

    1. If f3 then…”killer move” by black is: …Rh1+! After Kh1, Qh4+
      Kg1, Qh7+ and after Kf1 chek/mato Qh1 🙂

  120. Happy Holidays, Mato! I have a question, what are your bench/squat/deadlift maxes? You looked rather big in your last vid.

  121. Didn’t have time for chess. I worked full time and in the evening part time.
    I didn’t speak a word of English when I came to Australia so I had to take lessons in English too.
    There was no much free time left for chess

  122. hi mato I stumbled upon your chess videos after I was made redundant and what a joy I am from Middlesbrough the birthplace of james cook ,20 years ago I read capablancas chess fundamentals do you think this book has stood the test of time and why did you stop playing chess at an early age?ps just played the video of your draw with spasky wow

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  130. By far the best analyze of famous or not chess games, i love thinking out of the box regarding chess, and all the games that are presented by Mato are spectacular and require a grade of creativity to understand, which Mato seems to induce on all his viewers. Great guy, knows when how to lighten the atmosphere with a well placed joke, knows when to ask his viewers to discover extraordinary moves. I am thinking about re-taking chess as a main hobby because of Mato’s videos ! I’m about 1800’ish but i feel my rating has alone improved only by watching your commentary and because of your shared insight

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  132. Hvala Sir, have you seen anybody whose rating has gone up this much? Last to last Tuesday, I was beaten in 12 moves by a 600-ranked player. Today, after having watched your videos day after day, I have won SEVEN games in a row, including the last one against a player ranked EIGHTEEN HUNDRED FIFTY! (My rating has shot up by about 700, because of the last 50 games I have won 44 and lost 4).I don’t know what to say, except well, you sir have inspired me to do everything, so much so that I am learning Croatian now! Pozdrav, and may you make videos all your life.
    Сарвеш ijěr

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    -Johan Echeverria

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  138. Hi Mato.
    I just want to show my appreciation for all the time and effort u put to make such awesome chesss instructional vidoes that has inspired people worldwide. Keep doing what u love the most and I hope our comments will give u even more motivation to keep up the good work. U make legendary games alive and interesting with your unique analyse style 😀
    wish u the best in future 🙂

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    Greetings from the Philippines 🙂

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    Hello from Colorado usa

  146. Never missed an online lecture of yours till date. You’ve inspired my movements in life and chess, Mato. Thank you for sharing your commentaries, as they have now become a modest effort to educate the world!

    Love from Berkeley, California#

    P.S. I highly enjoy watching all lectures (the same playlist twice or thrice at times!), but please do keep the Tal games coming!

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    After watching your videos for a month or two, I have become a big fan of your teaching methodology and your voice! You are very good. My son is about to be 4 years old and I wanted to know whether you can give me some guidance to coach him or be his mentor.
    Please do get in touch with me.
    Best regards,

  149. Hi Mato,
    Just want to let you know that I have learned so much from you. I can beat 2 or 3 people online now lolz ahahah… Before I watched your youtube videos, I was following E.Lasker’s and A.Alekhine’s styles of play, but I didn’t really understand them. After watching your videos explaining Tal’s style, it made me want to play chess again, thanks to Tal’s style and your way of teaching. Thank you.

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    You are in my opinion, without a doubt, the best chess commentator online. I say this having spent countless hours watching chess content online.

    Your explanations are clear, precise & concise, priding great insight into each game, and your choice of games to cover are fantastic & inspiring.

    I was a very active(and somewhat successful) chess player as a junior many years ago. In the past few months, I have been re-kindling that interest, and your videos have been a very valuable and entertaining resource. I only wish such content was available when I was a junior player, the juniors these days are privileged when it comes to learning chess!

    If you are ever in Melbourne, please let me know.

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    I follow your videos and like to listen to your explanations. I enjoy the “critical points”, pause the videos and think about the killer move – then listen to your moves and rationale.

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    Thanks for inspiring me to play, stay healthy mato!

    Your Malaysian fans,

  157. Mato: Your videos have rekindled my love of chess. I particularly enjoy how you take old vintage games that were recorded only on paper and turn them into fascinating videos. Your generosity in sharing your work and love of the game is inspirational. Thank you.

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    Now let’s start the game,,, who is better judge yourself huumm, check mato.

    Those are only some booming/funny/exiciting words I heard from you every time I open your chess videos starting exactly 14 months since. The time I started playing chess with my neighbors. They bit me pretty bad, after following your lectures I now even or perhaps bit them all.
    Mato I am a Filipino residing in Saipan close to Palau (geography test)

    Up for now, I see you at WCC game 8.

    Sent from my KYOCERA Torque

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    I’d just wish he uses a better microphone: Mato, you should really put your PC box away from the mic (so minimising noise) and also buy a proper vlog mic like Blue Yeti for $99 (http://amzn.to/1cYVbLY). Additionally, you should boost the volume on each recording, because they sound tiny in comparison with regular YouTube videos.

  161. Mato,

    You are a great chess instructor and very inspirational too.
    All the best to you .

  162. Mato you are awesome! It’s a ‘Killah move’ and ‘Hi…this is Mato’ are now legendary..cheers for all the help you’ve given to players over the years.

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    From South Korea

  164. Dear Mato,

    I am a great fan how you concisely make videos of
    great chess games. Frankly speaking, I have learnt
    a lot from your videos.

    I would request if you could make a video on “Poisoned pawns”

    Many time sub-1500 rated players fall for this trap.


  165. You know, I happened to notice your list of favorite chess players. And I must say, mine has only one name. My favorite chess player is Matojelic. My rating has gone up from a novice 1500 to 1784, big improvement. After more practice, and watchng more of his videos, I got my rating up to 1812, more improvement. And to this day, I still play chess often, and watchin his videos, and improve my rating. Someday, I hope to break the 2000 barier, which I am steadily apporaching. Thank you, Mato.

  166. Really wonderful and inspiring videos — excellent analysis, wry sense of humor, very suspenseful. Thank you for the excellent work!

  167. Hi Mato. My name is Rahim and I really like your chess video. I need to talk or send you email. Please tell me what is your email? or Just tell me about your skype. Because I would like to be one of your students Mato. This is my email. (Ellahejan_chess@yahoo.com) Please help me. thanks. I am waiting for you.

  168. Hy this is Matt. in this comment i will tell u that I am from India and i think u are the best chess video maker of all time. Cant wait to watch your new videos. Keep it up. Additionally i am also a big fan of Mikhail Tal…just like u ( no offence).

  169. Mato I also love your videos and i learnt so much from you. My favourite player is Tal. I love his style. I hope there are some more.
    Kind regards from Germany

  170. Hi Mato!
    I’ve found your YouTube videos very inspiring and wanted to thank you 🙂

    I have one quick question; when you say at the end of some videos, “this game is taken from the book The King Hunt”, is this the book by John Nunn and William Cozens or by you?

    Thank you in advance!

  171. Hi Mato,
    I have been playing chess for a year now and got to see your videos first time just a month back, and am already addicted 🙂 You make chess even more interesting than it already is. I hope you make some videos or some sort of commentary on the upcoming World Championship. It has been marketed well, and with a great number of people watching it, your videos will reach even greater and younger audience giving chess a much needed boost.

    You are integral to the learning process for all the newcomers out there!

    Thank you so much for all your efforts in making the videos.


  172. such a humble man..he serves many chess players like me who wants to improve the level of chess play…he gave all his chess journey for free….

  173. Hey there Mato, I enjoy watching my husband play chess. He had me watch one of your videos today and we had a great time with all the different variations you presented. I may be terrible at chess myself, but I think if I watched more of these I may be able to play my husband and at least give him a run for his money! Thanks for all the time you lend to making chess so much fun! gina

  174. Hello Mato! This is Edden from Philippines, thanks for the videos, you really made my enthusiasm in learning and improving my chess go up. I love the way you present the games in your videos, very honest, direct to the point, simple and very entertaining. May God bless you and hope you keep to inspire other aspiring chess players like me. Cheers!

  175. Mato you lessons are fascinating and really improving the game analysis and over all view strategic and tactic
    thanks a lot for that

  176. hey there and thank you for your information I have definitely picked up something new from right here.
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    your respective exciting content. Ensure that you update this again very soon.

  177. I have downloaded 749 of your youtube videos, I’ve watched 449 videos in 21 days and I have 300 left to go. Am I crazy?

  178. great videos mato, I like your channel and the good advice you have on heath and good lifestyle.
    not to mention the chess videos, they are great fun to watch!!!

  179. Hi Mato, you are brilliant in expaining every good move))) i compared other videos on YT, but yours is the best and i have subscribed…

    Keep up your great work for the benefit of chess-lovers…thank youuuu


  180. Greetings from Turkey!
    My girlfriend and I are beginners in Chess. We have been watching your videos instead of watching TV shows 🙂
    You’re an international star, Mato! I love the way you’re interested in geography and history as well. Thanks for your beautiful contributions to the World.

  181. Greetings from spain Mato¡¡¡¡¡¡.This is Cesar from Bilbao..Your videos are very instructive.Great job and thanks for your chess knowledge.

  182. If you are as pleasant in person as your voiceis when you comment on a chess game, then youmust be a prince. When I follow a chess game and I hear “Mato”, then it makes me happy. I live in Dallas,Texas and I am a friend of John Hall, the Chess master from Texss.

    Originally I am from a small town near Munich, Germany. I emigrated to the USA in 1964.

    I hope you are doing well in Austrslia.
    Greetings from Texas.

  183. If you are as pleasant in person as your voiceis when you comment on a chess game, then youmust be a prince. When I follow a chess game and I hear “Mato”, then it makes me happy. I live in Dallas,Texas and I am a friend of John Hall, the Chess master from Texss.

    Originally I am from a small town near Munich, Germany. I emigrated to the USA in 1964.

    I hope you are doing well in Austrslia.
    Greetings from Texas.

  184. Hi Mato,

    Can you please cover the game between Bent Larsen and former world champion Tigran Petrosian that was played in 1966? In the game, Bent Larsen played a KILLA MOVE when he sacrificied his Queen in order to get a winning attack.

    Thank you for your excellent work! 🙂

  185. If you ever come to the USA (VA Beach,VA) we can train Budo the VA Hombu Dojo under Hanshi/ Soke, Tenshin Hamada (9th dan) of Dai Nippon Butoku Kai or with Hanshi/Dosi Terumasa Ogawa (10th dan) of the Seikukan Hombu Dojo if you truly love Karate Do as much as chess!!!

  186. Most of the chess videos I have seen on youtube are from guys who are boring. You make funny comments every now and then making your videos fun!
    Thanks for making them, keep up the good job!
    Greetings from Chile!

  187. My favorite out of all the people on youtube doing chess videos, you do have a great flare for it mate they are so entertaining and fun to watch great job .Keep them coming :)))

  188. Mato Thanks a lot. Your videos have made my kids’ interest in chess so smooth and sweet. All videos and the commentary is soothing and no time to get bored. Its made easy for me to teach chess to my kids even in shortage of time. Also after so many years I got attracted back to chess. Please keep it up!

  189. Mato all i can say about you is i’ve downloaded almost 80% of your youtube videos and i like the way you explain and show variations,learned alot from you …love you brother….you are really a great human being…

  190. Mato, I love your videos! They have, without a doubt, helped my Chess a lot. Thanks to you, I have started looking for the in-between moves, instead of the poor, direct, and immediate moves, and it has helped me improve a lot! Thanks for the great videos!

  191. Mato, i just cant go to bed without watching a couple of your videos every night, i haven’t played chess in ages but now i started playing again thanks to you.Your videos are instructive, fun and are at the right lenght, not too short, not too long plus your commentary and occasional jokes are just the icing on the cake, great work.

  192. Hello Mato.
    Thank you for all these videos, you are certainly the most popular. I extremely enjoyed the comments of all those who follow you. I totally agree with the fact that you are the best on the net to produce quality videos that help us enormously to understand a little better the fascinating world of chess.

    Sorry for my English, I speak French and German, and I used google translation to express my admiration. I live in Quebec (Canada) and I love your comments in the videos that I understand very well.

  193. Hi Mato

    Thanks for your excellent chess videos. I discovered them while looking for resources to help my son improve his game. We have a great time watching them together!

  194. Mato za mene si veca zvijezda od messia i federrera !!!!!
    U learn us not just to improve, but to love this game. “If u wish, u can pause the video” —> IM NEVER GONNA DO THAT !!!! ❤
    From chess game, u make an action movie.

  195. I can hear Mato’s voice when i’m playing! 🙂 The best there is. Your enthusiasm makes us happy!

  196. Mato – I love your commentary. Very informative and stylish. Thanks so much for taking the time to help all us beginners with our chess! James, Vancouver Island, Canada

  197. Je li ovo moguće? Pa, šta je ovo? Ludnica… Ajme, ljudi…
    Mato, da te nema trebalo bi te izmisliti.
    You are one of a kind. And THIS is the way to teach chess – with a tongue in cheek combination of humor and drama.
    “If you wish, you can pause the video…” EPIC stuff!

  198. everyone loves you!!you made me love chess…with you high manner and positive thinking i learn a lot from not only chess but u teach us how to solve many prbs in life so many thanks from Japan

  199. E Mata kralju….kako te zovu čari Domovine tako i mene čari šaha…nakon svakog Tvoga pregledanog video zapisa….pozdrav iz Garešnice..Franjo F.

  200. Hi Mato! I enjoy your postings relating to chess miniatures and commentary on notable chess games. You have a very warm and endearing way of speaking, which helps balance the cold, analytical nature of chess analysis. I like your approach and keep up the good work!

  201. Dear Mato,
    Thank you for the excellent work you do by uploading the chess videos. By watching your chess videos, I realized that not only are your chess videos awesome but also that you are an good human being. May God bless you. Love from India.

  202. “Did you see this?” Still looking but I don’t see as clear as Mato. Still persevering with the London System, but still getting blitzed. Don’t know whether to try something else or keep on down the same road?

  203. More than clicking the “Love it” button on youtube, I’d like to thank you man for your videos! They are, as you introduce them all “very instructive chess games”, and its a real pleasure to watch them and guess the next moves on critical positions. Go on with these please, this is very good job !

  204. your commentary is superb, short and sweet. i would like to know who is 1.2.3 among Kasparov, fischer and tal.

  205. Thank you for your instructive videos and commentary. The next best thing to playing the game itself.

  206. A better “variation” of your title: 🙂 : “Is Tal a Magician or an Attacking Maniac”? And of course:
    “an absolutely brilliant…”, “the pawn”, or “a pawn”, etc. A typical pitfall for Slavic speakers when confronted with the English language: this language uses articles :-).

    Nonetheless, everybody understands what you are saying and your video-clips are extremely entertaining, even for novices like me. Thank you very much for taking the time to posting them. Also appreciate your sense of humor!

    Yes, Tal was a magician!

    1. well, i am croatian too, and i’ve never had any problems with english whatsoever, actually, its grammar is quite simple compared to most slavic languages, albeit vocabularly vastly richer hence my sympathies toward it 🙂 mato didn’t know a word before he was like.. 30? or so. whereas newer generations are taught english at a very early stage, beginning with the 1st grade in elementary school. the result is : two thirds of my life have passed since i first met english 🙂 (21/14) maybe it will never sound as if i was a native speaker, but i still think they did a good job.

  207. Mato, Nothing against anyone else creating chess videos (and I appreciate them all) but you are the best! Your ability to inject humor and add drama to the games you present, captivates your audience. And while you and I are about the same strength I feel I learn a great deal from watching your presentations. Thank you!

  208. Mato has a very infectious enthusiasm and knowledge for chess, which easy to follow and draws you into the numerous chess games which he explains with great insight and humour on his you tube web site. JOHN 10 OCTOBER 2012, East Kilbride, Scotland

    1. …as in the saying goes and nothing more better to describe it than in the parlance or chess lingo than simply BRILLIANT Mato! “!!”

    2. Mister Mato, my ELO went up from poor 850 to 1300 thanks to your lectures. I am very greatful for what you are doing, and proud to have you on my subscribe list. If I come to Adelaide, it would be a priviledge to have you as my chess teacher.

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