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Chess is the gymnasium of the mind

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We provide chess tuition for Schools, organize Interschool competitions

and supply chess playing equipment in Adelaide, South Australia

Why we teach chess in Schools?
We teach Chess in Schools because we believe it helps academic performance. Chess actually makes kids smarter by teaching the following skills: Focusing, visualizing, thinking ahead, analyzing concretely, and thinking abstractly, planning, juggling multiple considerations simultaneously and last but not least it has great Social Benefits. We teach chess in Adelaide Metro and in SA Country Schools. Classes in Adelaide Metro are conducted on a weekly basis during school hours, lunch times or after school. The format o
f our chess club in schools usually involves a 15 minute talk or demonstration at the start of each lesson. This will focus on a particular theme, tactic, strategy or idea. Children are then encouraged to play monitored games in a tournament setting as well as to play social chess variants. Prizes and certificates are awarded during the year to stimulate further interest and friendly rivalry. Chess sets and clocks are provided by Chess School SA. We teach with a friendly positive manner making learning chess easy and great fun. All our Coaches have current working with children checks and are covered by public liability insurance. If you would like a chess club started at your school and enjoy thrilling chess experience  please contact us for more information.

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Our mission is to provide chess products and services to people who play chess and to help them to improve and enjoy the game even more

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